sludge factory

After a nasty tumble down a flight of stairs, you find yourself laying sprawled out on the cold and wet floor of the previous occupant's basement. Before you get a chance to ponder this further, the door slams shut behind you, the sound of a locking mechanism clicking into place.

Despite your better judgement, you decide take a look around... (6 of 9 zones are now available to visit.)

Currently, my personal music library contains 7,540 songs.

Last song I listened to was

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There's a diary sitting on a stool made of rotting wood. The diary is in good enough condition, but it's... wet. Why is everything so wet around here..?

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A Casio boombox sits atop a wooden crate in the center of the room. Opening the box (after carefully placing the stereo on a dry surface) reveals a large collection of mixtapes.

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A sticky note atop the crate reads "I left the CDs at the old house, don't forget to bring them down." ...Huh.

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On a desk situated in the corner, a pair of headphones lies next to a clipboard. It holds a piece of graph paper with a spreadsheet drawn by hand, listing various different bands and songs with star ratings. What a weird hobby.

Concert log >>

Above the desk, you spot a collection of ticket stubs taped to the wall. While the tape has rubbed off a bit of the text, you think you can still make out the band names...