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Concert Log

Alice in Chains - Masonic Auditorium (SF), 10/7/2016

First concert I ever went to! Since I was a youngster I went with my grandparents and mom and it felt like I was transported to heaven when I got there. We had seats up high above the pit (where people were fighting LOL. I had an amazing time seeing my favorite group in person and they played AWLLLL my favorite songs. Also, I swear, William DuVall looked at me some point. I dunno how but I seen it and my mom seen it. Transcendent.

Brockhampton - The Warfield (SF), 3/4/2018

I distinctly remember this was during orange jumpsuit era. I went with my mom and grandpa and we ended up getting seated in the disabled section because my grandpa was using a cane at the time :3 Very convenient, else poor ol' man would have had to deal with all the teenagers in the pit. The concert was great, but it ended up getting cut short for me because of my mom. Kinda left a stain on listening to BH for me, but it weren't the band's fault lol. Just wish I'd have gotten to see them one last time before they broke up to make up for this experience!!!

Earl Sweatshirt - Regency Ballroom (SF), 4/18/2019

THE BIG RETURN SHOW... I went to this with a friend and a guy he knew. It was actually my first time going out of town without a "guardian" (because, technically, I was my buddy's guardian LMAO) as well as taking public transport. This was an awesome show. In the line, we saw MIKE look out the tour bus and wave at us and my buddy (a huge MIKE fan) was overjoyed. Once we got in I found myself stuck in a sea of white boys. They stayed flaccid during the opening acts (which were fire??) and the second Earl came out, they surged forward and I was barely able to breathe at this point. It was also crazyyyy how loud these guys were cheering and screaming, to the point Earl himself was like "why are y'all going so hard for this one?" or something along those lines. It was really funny and enjoyable.

Sonic Symphony - Dolby Theatre (LA), 9/30/2023

Another landmark for me, my first time going to LA! I wasn't super duper excited for the show exactly as a moderate Sonic enjoyer, but more excited to get out of town for a few days. But by the time we actually got there, I got insanely hyped. It was a REALLY nice theatre for one thing, way more fancy than we were dressed for (I had my Scaring The Hoes shirt on). This was the first time I've ever seen an orchestra that was just... overjoyed to be performing? The conductor was so excited and the musicians looked so proud. The music was even better, cause the first song suddenly got my nostalgia going and I even teared up a few times. I was going crazy by halfway through the show and I never wanted it to end. Like, Crush 40 and Kellin Quinn live??? Jesus. Transcendent experience.

Mong Tong - Neck of the Woods (SF), 3/23/2024

WOOHOOO!!!!!!! THIS WAS AWESOME!! I was supposed to go to this with my parents, but they flaked so I went with a friend who offered to drive me instead. The venue was very small and cozy, full of hipsters (as one would expect). First time I haven't recognized alot of songs from a band I enjoy, but I think it's because they played alot of the new stuff off Epigraphy and the latter half was from Tao Fire. It was a real trip to see how they actually construct these songs, with the loop pedals and vocals I actually thought were samples initially?? I managed to nab some merch (including a Tao Fire CD!!!) and actually got a chance to talk to the brothers afterward! I'm so happy I got the chance to see them live, I had an amazing time. (Also, the opener, K'in Sventa is great too! Gotta check his work out.)